'Someone' Nonthinking, 2015 acrylic on canvas, 66" x 66"

The Udumbara Flower
by Richard Stodart

In the realization of the Way, Buddha-nature is not an object of faith in which to believe
but the singular momentum of entire-time/existence-time that is to be exemplified,
in and through faith in the Buddha.

"For the self to advance and verify the myriad things of the universe is [cast-off/totally exerted] delusion"
—the five petals of the udumbara flower;
"For the myriad things of the universe to advance and verify the self is [cast-off/totally exerted] enlightenment"
—the udumbara flower.

For self-and-universe-existence-time to advance and verify entire-time
is the five petals/the flower of the udumbara flower cast-off/totally exerted;
For entire-time to advance and verify existence-time
is the singular liberating momentum of the udumbara flower cast-off/totally exerted.

In the reflexivity of discontinuous-continuous-existence-time/continuous-discontinuous-entire-time,
the udumara flower is all-buddha-nature-sentient beings.



                         R I C H A R D  
S T O D A R T      T O K A M I T S U

"DreamMaking" connects to Dogen's wholehearted expression of dream, in which horizons and possibilities of the human/cosmic situation are opened and deepened to express balance andintimacy.

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Passage, 2013 acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36"

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