DreamMaking: The Intimacy of Picture/Reality
Words by Dr. Hee-Jin Kim
Paintings by Richard Stodart

Fourth Lloyd Productions, 2013
84 pages, paper ISBN: 978-0-9889391-1-0
10 x 7 inches, 22 color plates $39.95

DreamMaking is indebted to the proposition in Dogen's Shobogenzo that delusion and enlightement temporally and nondually entwine: right within light there is darkness, and right within darkness there is light. Passion (darkness) and serenity (light) thus amass and arrive simultaneously, in and through emptiness, without a gap between them.

Through the means-in-end grid system, DreamMaking closely examines the radical intimacy of delusion and enlightenment as being free of mystical coincidence or a substantive universal order existing beyond it.

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                         R I C H A R D  
S T O D A R T      D R E A M M A K I N G

Spring/Peony Flower, 2010. acrylic on paper, 18 " x 28"

Simultaneity, 2005. acrylic on paper, 22.5" x 30"

Ten Direction In Three Times, 2008. pastel on paper, 22.5 " x 30"

The Steelyard , 2007, acrylic on paper, 22.5 " x 30"

Entwined Vines, 2007, acrylic on canvas, 58 " x 58"

Affirmation, 2012. acrylic on canvas, 48 " x 48"

The yogic symbol in "Affirmation" derives from the subtle energy chakra system in Indian Yoga and Tibetan Buddist Tantra. Click on image for a diagram of the subtle energy charkra system.


"DreamMaking" connects to Dogen's wholehearted expression of dream, in which horizons and possibilities of the human/cosmic situation are opened and deepened to express balance andintimacy.

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The effective wisdom of spontaneity functions tirelessly as the whole man of existence-time/emptiness:
the immediacy of dream.