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D R E A M M A K I N G :  t h e  i n t i m a c y  o f  p i c t u r e  /  r e a l i t y

Affirmation, 2012. acrylic on canvas, 48 " x 48"

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"DreamMaking" connects to Dogen's wholehearted expression of dream, in which horizons and possibilities of the human/cosmic situation are opened and deepened to express balance andintimacy.

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See Dogen's Shobogenzo fascicle, "Muchu Setsumu" (1242)
(Making a dream, within a dream)


In DreamMaking, human fallibility (amid delusion/dream) and human perfectability (beyond delusion/dream) entwine as foci of the process of calibration and the state of equilibrium. From this nondual perspective, one lives amid/beyond dream by expounding/making a dream within a dream, in and through the reconstructive and dynamic function of emptiness, without blurring the differences between duality and nonduality.

Fourth Lloyd Productions, 2013
84 pages, paper ISBN: 978-0-9889391-1-0
10" x 7," 22 color plates $39.95

p a i n t i n g s

The Long and Short
The Rungless Ladder
Spring/Peony Flower
The Steelyard
What Is This That Comes Thus
As One Side Is Illumined . . .
Cutting Off Before And After
Entwined Vines
Golden Body
Mountains and Rivers
One Bright Pearl
One In Five

Sameness and Difference
Sky Above
Sky And Ocean
Ten Directions In Three Times